The act of saving an individual and helping them in their time of need is just as important as it is difficult: we’re not talking about saving and transporting inanimate objects, but rather human beings. People with whom we can empathise and for whom we’re performing an extraordinary service. 

Why should you share your experience? 

Because telling others about what you experienced and what can be done helps spread technical and scientific knowledge. The difference between a rescue done well and one done poorly often lies in the rescuer’s ability to access good information.

What happens once you submit your article?

Once your article has been submitted to RESCUE Press, our staff will render it anonymous and submit it to the appropriate members for peer review, in single-blind mode. The paper will be evaluated without the authors’ identities being disclosed, and one of the following three evaluations will be assigned: 

  • text not suitable for publication; 
  • text suitable to be adapted for publication; 
  • text suitable for publication without modification. 

A recommendation will also be made as to whether the article should be published with DOI, or without DOI for indexing in the magazine ISSN, or whether this opportunity should be reserved for other publications.

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