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Rescue Press publish also peer-reviewed articles and Case Reports on pre-hospital procedures. You can submit your content in English or Italian.

The act of saving an individual and helping them in their time of need is just as important as it is difficult: we’re not talking about saving and transporting inanimate objects, but rather human beings. People with whom we can empathize and for whom we’re performing an extraordinary service. Submit your scientific article or your case-report to our peer-review staff.

Although the editors of the Rescue Press take the utmost care in reviewing papers that appear in this digital magazine, we cannot exclude the possibility that they contain inaccuracies or violate the proper use of academic referencing or copyright in general. The responsibility for these matters therefore remains with the authors of these papers and third parties that choose to make use of them entirely. In no event can the editorial board of the Rescue Press or the Rescue Press and Services Editor be held accountable for the contents of these papers.

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