REEC 2021 | NAEMT Italia Edition 2021


In this course, you will have the following classes:

  1. Introdiction by Dr. Alberto Adduci
  2. Dave Page and NAEMT philosophy
  3. Mario Raviolo and the Regional EMS deployment in Italy
  4. Helicopter Rescue Operations Simulator (HEROS) by Dario de Liguoro
  5. Critical Thinking Station in PHTLS Simulation by Dr. Aurora Guglielmetti
  6. Practical exams in different Countries
  7. Training activity in clinical division by EMERGENCY NGO
  8. The airway management with J. Pitteloud
  9. Report on Trauma Symposium by J. Pitteloud
  10. Paramedic training with NAEMT in UK (Will Broughton)
  11. TECC implementation in Belgium by Dr. Xavier Losfeld
  12. Report from NAEMT on education curriculum and courses by Pamela Lane


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NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians) is the leading association in education for EMTs, paramedics,s and out-of-hospital professionals, and it has related associations all over the world. The NAEMT Mission is to support and represent ambulance and rescue professionals with educational programs, research programs, and patronages. 

The REEC Conference allows the most important European countries to share educational projects, strategies, and protocols in the pre-hospital field, both civilian and tactical. The aim of the 2021 conference focuses on the safety of professionals, and the psychological risks during a rescue activity.

Among others, new educational standards in pre-hospital activity were highlighted by dr. David Page (MS, NRP, Director of the Prehospital Care Research Forum, California University, Los Angeles). Critical Thinking Stations improvements were explained by Dr. Aurora Guglielmetti. Attendees have also viewed the difference among countries in teaching PHTLS rules and learned more about education for the civilians using settings from the tactical field of operation. An important chapter of the 2021 REEC event has been the intervention from EMERGENCY, which focused on how pre-hospital rescue can be adapted to helping populations in danger, during the mass-immigration situations.