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Biocontainment: live webinar session (English version)

Rescue Press 11 March 2022

The biocontainment procedures during ambulance transport. Best practices and myths to dispel.
Two years have passed since the start of the lockdown. Regardless, in recent months we have learned many things about the danger of highly contagious viruses such ad COVID-19. Meanwhile, ambulance service procedures have changed radically, adapting transportation to the new contexts. Rescuepress holds an interesting free webinar about biocontainment in an out-of-hospital emergency, involving the highest Italian authorities who managed the civil and military maxi-emergency.

FERNO srl gives a non-conditional contribution to realize this webinar.

ULRICO ANGELONI | Physician, director of the USMAF SNASN Office – General Direction for Health Prevention @Ministry of Health

FABRIZIO PREGLIASCO | Physician, Health Director @IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute

LUCIA MICHELETTI | Physician, Emergency Military Doctor @Military Polyclinic of Rome

PIERO PAOLINI | Physician, 118 Director Tuscany Center @Contact person for maxi-emergencies in Central Tuscany