Editorial: Sine Institutione Nemo

VOL.1 | ISSUE 01 | 2021

RESCUE PRESS is a project to transform technical/scientific information into something stronger, capable of creating a connection between the education of rescue professionals and daily emergency response practices.  Aware of the current historical/cultural changes underway in the healthcare sector, the professionals involved in this project (doctors, nurses, and technicians) have embraced the need to create a scientific means that offers a new method of dialogue and growth, one that will “leave no one behind” in the training process. 

Healthcare professionals are in need of cultural proposals and up-to-date studies to help them maintain high skill levels in relation to specific situations and rescue-related areas. The goal of RESCUE PRESS is to bring together the various rescue-related skills, systems, and characteristics that are increasingly required to collaborate, even in multidisciplinary and complex scenarios. 

The publishing company and the scientific committee pursue national and international educational, study, research, and dissemination activities in the field of pre-hospital rescue, for all scenarios, and with any degree of criticality. Particular attention is paid to healthcare aspects, Civil Protection aspects, and operational aspects in high-risk areas. All this is pursued through support for scientific research, the organization of continuing education training activities, and support for dialogue, analysis, trials, and presentations relating to clinical cases. For this reason, Rescue Press aims to:

  • Publish an internationally-recognized scientific journal with a recognizable ISSN;
  • Organize courses, conferences, meetings and online webinars using the best available technologies;
  • Establish scholarships, awards and competitions;
  • Promote cultural exchange, with a greater focus on the international exchange;
  • Take any initiative that contributes to the training and growth of the healthcare and technical personnel involved in pre-hospital emergency scenarios;

In order to achieve these goals, RESCUE PRESS is committed to actively cooperating with public and private institutions on both a national and international scale. RESCUE PRESS partners take part in topical sub-committees, believe in and uphold the concepts of this manifesto, and maintain absolute respect for the diversity, peculiarities, and perspectives of every other member. 

The RESCUE PRESS editorial plan and the training plan proposed by the website are inspired by the annual survey on pre-hospital rescue conducted among active members and supporters. The RESCUE PRESS editorial board then submits the editorial plan to the scientific committee in order to conduct a joint evaluation of the issues and ideas to be pursued. 

Finally, it is the goal of RESCUE PRESS to provide communications, training, and support to its members, in order to render the relationship with the patient easier and more understandable from all points of view (legal, psychological, relational, and empathic), even with regard to issues of primary interest in the sector not related to healthcare.


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